Safe and sound – everyone wants to hear these two words for their French Bulldogs, this winter. Do you know why? French bulldogs are short-haired breeds. And they have nothing to protect themselves from the hardened snow. So, before taking them out in winters, pre-planning is essential. Precisely, Frenchies deserve the care and a warm crate. The season is a happy one but, once it kicks your pup, you’re on regular vet visits after. Fortunately, there are some easy hacks by which you can give your emotional support dog, in short, your french bulldog, excellent care. And luckily, all those things are easy to get in the winters. Let’s find them all together.

Make Sweaters an Outdoor Routine


Oh yes! No one can accurately define the cuteness of dogs wearing clothes. And when it comes to a snowbank, everything is about clothes only. So, don’t lose the chance of making your Frenchie a Diva. Woolen garments don’t cost you much, and they restore heat in your bulldog’s body. For a fact, french bulldogs generate less heat as compared to other breeds. And the catch is that they lose the heat and energy quickly. Maybe that’s why many people contemplate them anti-snow dogs. At least, they’re not made for outside winter walks. However, sweaters can save you from this tension. Woolen shirts provide an extra layer of protection to all the dogs and help in restoring the heat.


Buy a Good Towel


Your pup’s feet are the most delicate part of his body. That’s why winter care starts with paw care. Every dog loves to engage with snow, and french bulldogs are not exceptions. Just take them out once in the snowfall, you’ll watch them almost dancing in the streets. Where they find snow and ice, they just fall in love with those places. But why we need to be cautious? In snow season, many chemicals are used to melt the ice on roads. And these chemicals cause cracks, leaving Frenchie’s paw in pain. Also, it can lead to severe paw allergies in dogs. So, paw cleaning is necessary to prevent the worst scenarios where your dog licks his feet. Indeed, there’s nothing better than using a neat towel to clean their ice-full paws after a walk. Make sure to wipe off their feet whenever you return from a snow walk. This single most initiative is the best way to minimize paw ailments and vet visits. Soft cotton fabric towels can erase all the toxic chemicals from your canine’s paw. So, don’t think twice. Buy a pair of towels and protect your fluff ball from the harsh winters.


Coconut Treatment


Coconut and winters are the best friends. As soon as the wintertime strikes, coconut oil gets in demand. Well, I don’t have any queries about why this happens? The oil has many wonders for the hair and overall body. In South Asian countries, almost ninety percent of the population battles with winter in the shield of coconut oil. I mentioned hair, Did you notice? Yes, coconut treatment also works for the french bulldogs. Or we can say, it is helpful for all the itching issues of the winter.


Winters bring harshness, which leads to skin dryness in dogs. Also, Frenchie’s nose is very susceptible to dehydration during winters. Applying coconut oil on their nose can give them complete relief. Similarly, massaging the oil on their coats can reduce the itchiness. Additionally, coconut oil keeps dogs warm during the entire season. And the beauty lies in the fact that they love the sweet smell of the oil and never turn from taking a spoon of it even. All in all, it is not incorrect to say that coconut oil treatment encourages healthiness.


Yes! That Petroleum Gel


Raise your hands if you don’t use vaseline during winters. Irrespective of the greasiness it carries, we use it daily to preserve the skin. And undoubtedly, it stimulates healing on cuts and minor scrapes. Frenchie’s are very lovable and joyful. They love to play, and maybe that’s why they encounter small accidents in routine. At that moment, you know what you’ve to do? Just apply the traditional petroleum jelly on the cut, and you’re done.

Moreover, wiping off the snow is not enough to get rid of the winter woes. After bathing and cleaning, give the vaseline protection cover to each paw of your Frenchie. It acts as a barrier between canine’s feet and chemicals. Many people apply vaseline on their pup’s paws before walks. Precisely, it smoothens and moist the legs of your fur buddy.


Dog Boots

emotional support dog

I know all the items quoted above are already at your home. And if not, you can purchase and afford them easily. But, here is the one thing in the winter care list for French bulldogs, you’re not having at home. That pair of shoes, you noticed yesterday wore by your neighbor’s pup. Canines catch the attention when they come in the little booties. Resting all the other things, I can’t get over the cuteness of dogs, who wear those four booties. Apart from beauty, boots may cost you bucks, but it saves a lot of time. At one side, dog boots protect the Frenchie’s paw. On the other hand, once you get home, you just have to remove the booties, and that’s it! Yes, you don’t have to wipe off and clean off their feet after getting home. Booties are enough to prevent damage to your bulldog’s paw.




To summarize, this is true that French Bulldogs are sensitive towards winters. But, preventing them from enjoying ice is not an alternative. Remember, we cannot alter the seasons, but we can change ourselves. And Bulldogs can also enjoy the warmness during a cold if we follow the above tips. You’re a great fan of your emotional support dog, make him yours!


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