Skincare is self care and self care is skincare. There is nothing and no one that can say otherwise. Lately there has been a positive reception and development of the right kind of attitude for this activity in people’s heads. Regardless of the gender, people are actively engaging in skin care activities that will enable them to not just to get healthy skin but also to develop the right kind of attitude for their own selves.

Let us go through 5 good skincare habits that people can easily adopt in their 20s for a lifetime of good skin. Developing a good skincare practice will help you to take care of your bodies, faces and minds forever. This will ultimately positively reflect in you developing the right mindset as well.

Cleanse or Double Cleanse Your Face

After a tiring day at work or at college, people just want to get inside their beds and roll off to sleep. If you are one who is doing the same, stop right now. Cleansing all the dirt and grime off your face is something that you should always do before bed without ever forgetting once. It is not just the dirt of the day that you have to wipe from your face, it is the sunscreen and the many day creams or serums also that you have applied on your face.


Before you go to bed, it is good to cleanse and double cleanse with the help of an oil based balm cleanser and then with a gel based wash off cleanser. You can use both of them to completely cleanse your skin without causing any dryness.

Apply SPF Daily

This is one skincare habit that you must not and cannot forget as it will cause the most damage to your skin in the long term. Applying a relatively higher SPF sunscreen is important to protect your skin from sun burns but to also significantly reduce the possibilities of skin cancers and skin precancers.


Your 20s is the golden age bracket where you can lay the foundation of your future skin health. Having a good mineral or chemical sunscreen as per preference is then quite important. What adds a shining star to the experience is the fact that using sunscreens also significantly slows down the skin aging process.

Exfoliate Properly

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Whether it be on your face or your body. You can exfoliate in a lot of ways:

  • Physical tools where you use a glove, an exfoliating towel or something similar.
  • Physical exfoliants like skin scrubs eg. apricot scrubs. However, as these scrubs are super harsh on the skin, people usually tend to avoid them.
  • Chemical exfoliants infused with AHAs, BHAs and PHAs.


It is important to remember that exfoliation is a big part of skincare and will remain so. One thing that often happens when people exfoliate frequently is over exfoliation. So if you are doing it, do it without going overboard.

Don’t Forget Your Moisturizer Ever

Moisturizing is another major skincare habit that people must adopt in their 20s. Even if the person has particularly oily or greasy skin, it is good to always sufficiently moisturize the skin. Moisturizing is the best way to hydrate the skin outwardly. Of course you can drink a lot of water to bring the hydrated glow to your face but the hydration by using a good face cream moisturizer is undefeatable.

The face, the neck and chest area, everything requires moisturizing. You can take a cream and massage it into your skin slowly while watching something on TV or while taking a mha quirk generator quiz. It is upto you to do whatever you want to while massaging the moisturizer gently into the skin.

Use Anti Aging Products

Sounds quite crazy to suggest anti aging products to people who are in their prime but believe us when we say it will change your life. Anti aging products are created with the idea to start its use when the person is young to preserve the youthful look from disappearing from your face anytime soon. Introduce anti-ageing ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide, and coenzyme Q10 to your routine and you will be able to see visible improvements.


Of course with skincare you have a lot of self care activities to do including taking care of your oral hygiene, trimming or cutting of your nails etc. When you perform all of them together, you are ensuring a good mental and physical well being for yourself in the coming future.

Posted by:Daniel Hansen

Daniel is a veterinary and writes blogs as side-activity. You can feel wanderlust attitude in his traveling and food blogs. He loves traveling around the world and learn about different food culture. Being a vet, he works twenty-four-seven with animals, and he loves doing his work.