Out of our day to day routine, morning is the only time that I believe we can invest in ourselves, working on things that matter to us.

Sipping on the morning cup of coffee, reading your favorite book, investing an extra hour on your skincare, spending time with your dog, or just meditating. There is so much one can do, without affecting the daily routine.

The time isn’t limited, you are not spending it wisely.

I’d be lying if i say i’ve always been i always had a morning routine and i never snoozed alarm. I loved my sleep as much as any other millennial and I am guilty of enjoying those extra hours in bed, wasting the precious time I could have used in being productive. But I am glad that I am working on it now and I have a morning routine.

There are some things I do everyday without fail that I believe have contributed to making my morning routine the best. You can pick a thing or two if that intrigues you.

Make your Bed

This is a prerequisite for me. The most crucial task that I CANNOT leave. Making my bed first thing in the morning has made my life so easy. Also, there are so many successful people and influencers who swear by this one task as well.

Making your bed in the morning makes your night time so calming. You come back to a made bed and can simply just sleep, without having to work on your bed or sleep in a pile of clothes or dirty bed sheets.

Drink Water before Coffee

Okay! This one was tough for me. All my life I had been drinking coffee first thing in the morning and now suddenly I was supposed to ot have it for an hour after waking up. I wake up for coffee, coffee is my treat, I want to start my day after sipping my coffee in peace.

This is how I have been but now, this doesn’t even bother me. Not like coffee is not my priority or I have cut down on caffeine, please girl! Don’t even say that.

I just have a glass of water. A huge glass of water first thing in the morning and let it do wonders to my body so that I can enjoy the whole brewing process of my lovely coffee.


After having a glass of water and brushing my teeth, I like to do some stretches to practically wake my body up and prepare it for the day. Stretching helps me relieve all that muscle stress and allows my body to move.

I wasn’t really a fan of working out, but stretching has really helped me physically. I feel like I am all set to conquer the world.

Also, I don’t forget to take my supplements from multivitamins to omega-3 and even my delta-8 gummies. I have been very consistent about this one step towards a healthy lifestyle and again I swear by this. Here are some best delta-8 gummies that you can try out as well.

Walk the Dog!

I love going out for a walk with my dog. Not only does it allow me to spend some quality time outside my house absorbing the beauty of nature but also allows me to embrace and acknowledge what I have, that is my cute little companion.

If you don’t have a pet, or if you’re considering having one. Trust me you don’t need a number of reasons.

Just keeping a dog with me has helped me so much with my mental health issues and that might help you too.


I cannot stress this point enough. I tell all my friends to do this and I will ask you to do this as well.

Just write. Whatever you feel, whatever is on your mind, just penb it down somewhere, EVERY DAY.

I love to write everything that crosses my mind in the morning, everything that I am grateful for, my short term goals and even my to-do list.

A to-do-list helps me remember and prioritize the tasks for the day and I incorporate every little task that needs to be done.

After all these tasks, I have my breakfast, I have started practicing mindful eating and after that I take a shower, follow my skin care routine and get started for the day.

This morning routine helps me stay together all day, I don’t feel cranky or lost at any point of the day because I dedicate my time into making it the best.

Posted by:Daniel Hansen

Daniel is a veterinary and writes blogs as side-activity. You can feel wanderlust attitude in his traveling and food blogs. He loves traveling around the world and learn about different food culture. Being a vet, he works twenty-four-seven with animals, and he loves doing his work.