Fall is considered a fashionista’s paradise. Out of the woodwork come coats, boots, and prints. It’s a sneaky time, not really summer, not exactly winter. Most people just like to go overboard with the layers but that is the point of fall you are allowed to go crazy. Fashion is a dynamic world, things move in and out very fast. The saving grace here is that everything that goes out of style will for sure come back. 

 We hold our pooches close to our heart ( they are the best accessory one can ask for) and aim to without fail try to incorporate them in whatever we do. Why should fashion be any different?

Enter us. Below go through every obscure trend making a comeback this season for your pooches.

Sweater Vests

Sweater Vests

Calling all Friends fans. This one’s for you. These often misunderstood fashion statement is making a long-overdue comeback. This time however it is the pooches getting the gentlemen treatment. Associated to everything from athletic, preppy, professional to presidential. It has been the most versatile fashion choice across decades. Why should our pooches be left out? 

Gingham + Bow Tie Combo


 Easily the most popular print during the winter months. This woven fabric makes a comeback almost every winter and this time it is here for the dogs. With its princely origins and royal vibe you just can’t miss a pooch rocking the gingham. If sophistication is your middle name and your dog looks like his next men’s magazine cover is right around the corner, you will not want to miss this bandwagon of the print and bow tie combo. For a true fashion, moment take your gingham print coat and match it with a stunning floral bow tie for maximum impact. 


A humble fabric originating somewhere in Scotland, tweed is dreamy and practical and for sure back in style. Adopted by the aristocracy as a countryside uniform of sorts. this is the first choice for any cross country-hopping pooch. It is a remarkably lightweight and breathable fabric especially if you take into consideration its warmth. You at no point can get more British than this. Primarily grey your pooch will the best thing to walk down the streets of London ever. So put on your tweed and grab some tea.

Graphic Prints 

Graphic Prints

 In this list this what you would consider a peaking trend. A digital print revolution has plagued the recent decade and now it’s bleeding into the doggy fashion industry. If you consider yourself hippie but seem to be too uptight to go down the tie-dye route this is your saving grace. Straight from the runway, up your street cred and get that skull and crossbones tee for your pooch. The lovable no menacing look of trying just a little too hard will do wonders for your coolness. Extra brownie points for a hood.

 Chunky Knits 

 The unforgettable chunky knits just ooze style and class. Nothing truly signifies fall the way knit sweaters do. Spoil your pooch with a sweater. If cozy is your vibe then this will be right up your alley. Get your pooch to match your vibe and together get ready for those ‘fall is here’ Instagram pictures. This style has also received a much-needed reboot from the step ford wives’ time. Come for the comfort, leave with the adorable details. A simple addition is all that is required by a sweater to level up and become the next fashion rage.  

 Quilted Vests

 Quilted Vests

 Nobody saw this coming. Did they? Circa 2000 it is the return of the ultra broody sweater vests. The suburban picture of the perfect boy has now transformed into the perfect boujee pet. Based on the thought that the only thing that needs to be warm for you to make it through winter is a nice toasty core. These jackets are always considered to be just passable enough to stay on the fringes of fashion. Now their saving grace is your adorable pooch. They have the versatility to go from a general walk through a farm to a walk down a rainy street, it is the perfect transition coat.

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  All disco era lovers. Rejoice! It’s the return of the metallic’s. The shimmer, the shine, the holographic it’s all right back with you. A color having a particularly great moment would be gold. If disco isn’t your style, you can even go for a jacket with a panel of metallic for a subtle call to the trend. Metallic are constantly evolving to accommodate trends and the ones that have come in this time are especially loud. If your pooch is a statement maker, go for the stunning jacket. If its a more conservative pooch that you own just consider it a party outfit. 

 Now that was our round-up for the trends served up hot from the runway for your dog. We’re sure no matter what you pick for your pet, it will be a statement. Our pets are usually a lot more than just our companions. They often end up fulfilling a role that is unfathomable to people. They become our constant support. If your pet fulfills the criterion of an emotional support animal it is a good idea to apply for an ESA letter.  You get several benefits of having an emotional support animal.

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