Coronavirus outbreak has put a halt to our daily lives in many ways. While healthcare providers are trying to combat it head-on, millions of others are working from home trying to slow down the progress of the Covid-19 as soon as possible. Adding to that, gyms and other sports facilities have also gone under a lockdown.


Fair enough, but due to such a crisis, people are no longer able to follow their daily exercise routines. But, a lockdown does not necessarily mean that it’s time to give a rest to your routine. For instance, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, several companies are hooking their customers to the digital offerings for keeping up with the exercises.


Sounds impressive?


Yeah, I thought so. But, that does not mean that’s the only way to stay fit and focussed. You can manage your routines from your home without hitting a gym or subscribing to any digital platform too.


But, what makes exercises so special amid the Covid-19 crisis? I’ll walk you through the scientific explanation explaining the importance of exercise during these stressful times.


Why Should You Opt For Exercises During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

In layman terms, exercise is a type of physical stress. Hang on!! What we mean is it helps to keep your body in motion. And since you are unable to do that during the lockdown, it will be good for your mind and body. Experts believe that exercising is a way to enhance your overall health. In short, it puts a pep in your step while acting as a stress-buster. It’s pretty useful since you can tune down the levels of fear or panic just by engaging yourself in some form of physical activity.


But what’s the secret? Here is how exercises help mitigate stress quickly.


Exercises Increase The Levels of Endorphins

Any form of physical activity signals brains to release the “feel-good” hormones/neurotransmitters, known as endorphins. Although these hormones are often referred to as “runner’s high,” bodyweight training, aerobic exercises, or a session of Zumba are also known to induce a similar impact. So, once you are done with your work out, you will feel at ease without causing any mental or emotional breakdown.


Exercises Help to Keep Your Body in Motion


What is it like after a game of tennis or several laps in the pool? Think about this for a moment. I am sure it helps you to forget all your worries or day’s irritations. It begins with a feeling of restlessness that smoothly turns into thinking more about the next move or the next set of activities. In fact, you start shedding your tensions and start focusing on your movements. So, eventually, the resulting energy fills your mind with optimism and positivity. In short, you feel calm and clear in everything you do, even during panic situations.


Exercises Improve Your Mood

If you start exercising regularly, it will lower down the symptoms of anxiety, stress, or depression. It will help you to relax by helping you to sleep properly that is often disrupted by any form of stress, especially during the pandemic. So, it will give a sense of confidence and command over your body. Thus, you can easily make decisions without any inhibitions.


Now that we are familiar with the positive side of exercises, the next probable question is, “what type of exercises can I do at home?,” or “what should be my exercise routine during a lockdown?”


What Are The Types of Exercises You Can Opt For During Lockdown?


Virtually, any form of exercise starting from aerobics to Yoga can act as an effective stress buster. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete or are out of shape; you can choose a routine to ensure the health of your mind and body. Here are a few key ones that you can start or end your day with.


Body Weight Training

If you can’t leave your house, this is probably one of the most effective exercises that you indulge in. They don’t take much of your space and don’t need any form of equipment. You can start with squats and eventually shift to planks, or burpees. It will help you to improve your overall fitness levels while helping you to build strength. In addition to that, it will help to improve your flexibility as well. You can also try skipping or fast push-ups. You can use different android or iPhone apps to time your sequences.


Here is a word of caution for those who have underlying health problems or carry any risk factor for a heart condition. Such individuals can try other alternatives.


High-tech Options

best recumbant exercise bike

For those who have the means, you can start a home gym. Things like a rack or an adjustable bench, dumbbells, or weight plates can add up to some variations in your daily workout routine. If you are lucky to have access to the best recumbent exercise bike, or any other high-tech equipment, now is the time to use it to your advantage. Just hop on and start your routine right away. And if you include a virtual reality app to gamify your indoor session, things will eventually go beyond excitement.


Low-impact Exercises


If you don’t feel like disturbing others, it’s time to roll out your mat and try some yoga or Pilates. Just because you are under a lockdown does not mean you don’t have access to workout videos. Put in your earphones and go for guided meditation or start practicing different “asanas.” You can also check out your favorite teacher or studio to continue your routine. The idea is simple to practice social distancing while keeping up with your health.

A word of advice: If you are new to workout or exercise, start small. Try 10 mins of Yoga or other workout forms. Gradually build up. It will help you to avoid putting any sudden stress on your body.


Key Takeaways


The Covid-19 outbreak is taking a toll on the mental health of millions out there. And a sudden change in routine during lockdown is adding more fuel to the fire. So, indulging in regular physical activities with a well-balanced diet will help you to lower down blood pressure. Other than that, you can easily improve your cholesterol and reduce blood sugar while maintaining your stress levels. 30 or 40 minutes of moderate exercise can help you to keep your mind and body in the best of health.


Are you ready for yours?


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