Moving out of your parent’s place and into your own space is extremely rewarding. But more often than not, it can be equally overwhelming. Especially when you’re responsible for everything that goes on around you, your health, your meals, your finances and everything else.

Things can get stressful really easily but at the same time, once you find a way to navigate through the whole process, you get time to work on yourself.

But one way moving away impacts your life is through its effects on your health. These can be both positive and negative, depending on how you go about them.

Weight Management

This can go both ways.

You move out of your place and start cooking your own meals. You pay attention to the carbs you consume, eat better and take time out to exercise. You go on walks early in the morning or get some cardio in the gym at night. You consume your protein and get fit. Now that you no longer need to socialize with your family in person, or meet friends everyday, maybe you can use this time to work on yourself?

But here’s the complete other side of the spectrum. You don’t want to cook so you order takeout everyday. You finally have the freedom to stay out overnight, eating and drinking to your heart’s desire. You’re always tired and never in the mood to workout or even go for a refreshing walk.

Both the situations are a little extreme but that’s how we usually end up. But what we really need is a balance between the two. A weekly routine that supports:

  • At least four days of home cooked food with minimal drinking
  • At least three days of working out, whether in the gym or at home
  • Only one night of excessive drinking in a week
  • Choose healthier snacks to munch on
  • Walk to places nearby, it’ll save on cash and keep your pounds in check

Mental Health

Maybe you’re happy to have finally moved out of a toxic place, maybe it was hard to leave such a loving place or maybe you just fit in right at the center. It was hard to move away but you need this for your growth.

In either of the cases, moving away can be a little demanding of your mental health. Spending time by yourself, in a house where you live, can be too big of a change sometimes. You might feel lonely and crave some sort of emotional support.

Or you could finally be at peace with yourself. You’ve finally left the toxic part out and now you feel perfectly refreshed. Even in a state like this, it’s only normal for you to have spiralling moments.

For someone who’s having a hard time managing their mental health, you should

  • Go out more, not night outs to drink but day out at the cafe and local market: the more you know about the place, the less anxious you’ll feel
  • Socialize with your neighbors or colleagues, meet new people even when you’re apprehensive about it
  • Volunteer at local animal shelters or spend time at dog cafes: animals are great for emotional support
  • Get back into a hobby you’ve stopped pursuing
  • Keep in touch with your family and friends from back home
  • Move in with a friend if possible, before living on your own, you’ll learn to live on your own and still get the support you need

Spend your evenings in a comforting environment, this could mean spending time with a friend or watching netflix while smoking some delta 8 flowers. Observer’s delta-8 flower is a good choice for that relaxing and calming effect you’re looking for.

Hair and Body Health

This has more to do with how the environmental conditions of a place affect your body, rather than what you choose to do. The water of a place alone can decide what your hair and skin will look like, one month into your stay.

The climate of the place you’ve moved to will determine what your skin and body care routine will look like.

For women, this movement can also mean unpredictable and unregulated periods for the first few months due to the environmental stress.

These aren’t changes that we can control but what we can do is take care of our bodies to the best of our abilities. All you can do is:

  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Stay loyal to your skin care, hair care and body care routines

And if things seem to get out of hand, don’t hesitate from booking an appointment with a professional.

Posted by:Daniel Hansen

Daniel is a veterinary and writes blogs as side-activity. You can feel wanderlust attitude in his traveling and food blogs. He loves traveling around the world and learn about different food culture. Being a vet, he works twenty-four-seven with animals, and he loves doing his work.