Literally every single person is dealing with stress. Maybe it is because of the lifestyle we started following or life has suddenly become extra difficult with time or maybe the advancements have complicated everything, whatever be the reason, something or everything is triggering us and each and every one of us is struggling and suffering.

One cannot keep going with the stressful life and there comes a time when the person either gives up or decides to treat it. I guess and hope you have decided to choose the latter and I am genuinely happy to be of help. Having struggled a lot with stress and anxiety in my life since school days, I started getting therapy and then later tried a few things that genuinely helped me in getting rid of the stress. I am writing those tips for you with a hope that these will work for you too like they did in my case.

Change Your Diet

This changed everything for me but I didn’t try this one right at the very beginning because I wasn’t really aware of it initially. A healthy change in diet, eating clean and nutritious meals really helps the body and mind to stay sane and clean as well. However, that does not mean one has to completely cut down on your favorite food. You can have junk or the street food you love in moderation. The idea of changing diet is to change it for the majority of time not to completely eliminate unhealthy, junk food but you can try that too, if you feel like.


I honestly never really considered practicing yoga and I can say this was never my plan to opt yoga as a part of my everyday routine. I tried yoga once, when I had a severe neck and back pain and I couldn’t get a massage so I decided to stretch and try yoga. The experience was phenomenal. I am not even exaggerating but it was so relaxing that I didn’t feel any pain. It did come back the next day when I had to again go to the office and sit for an entire day but somehow yoga gradually started becoming a part of my routine and now I practice yoga and meditation literally every morning without fail. It not only helps with muscle stress but keeps my mind sane as well. I have never felt this relaxed ever.

Avoid Tobacco

For a regular smoker, it can be a bit difficult. I have been smoking since my high school days and I guess just last year I switched to vaping. It wasn’t difficult for me as I was getting what my body required and it’s better so I am relieved. Not just that, vaping makes me feel even lighter than I felt while smoking a regular cigarette and it has very cool flavours. I have tried a number of THC Cartridges and can say that these work wonders.


I know some people will think that they would love to sleep but they are not able to. Well, sleep is important and if your body isn’t allowing you to take rest, maybe this restlessness is triggering stress and you need to consult a physician for this condition. You cannot avoid this. However, CBD helps in sleeping and it is better and safer than sleeping pills. You can try CBD gummies and check if that works for you.

Posted by:Daniel Hansen

Daniel is a veterinary and writes blogs as side-activity. You can feel wanderlust attitude in his traveling and food blogs. He loves traveling around the world and learn about different food culture. Being a vet, he works twenty-four-seven with animals, and he loves doing his work.