This list should not actually be called for people who don’t want anything but rather the minimalists of your life. Gifts are like a standard stay of this life of materials that we have made for ourselves. But believe it or not minimalists love receiving gifts just as much as the next person. The only catch? It needs to fit the aesthetic they have decided to maintain for themselves.

The Minimalist Aesthetic

This is a person who prefers all their belongings to be displayed in a clean, non-cluttered manner. This does not necessarily mean they have less stuff than other people. Just not as openly displayed as some people would prefer. Everything they own has a place. Usually, this translates to an all-white environment, but in recent years that has been shifting. It is more neutral than white. Pieces in their house are simple, modern and have absolutely no adornments on them. These neat places can often be jazzed up with the perfect addition of complimenting furniture pieces.

The trick here is to know that they don’t want to own things. They want things with functionality or sentiments, apart from the fact that they don’t want another pair of socks or crockery set they would never use.


So what should you gift these people while keeping in mind their preferences? Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of gifts for your picky minimalist friend. Read on to learn more.

Oil Diffuser

If we look into the multiple lists, it is the return of the essential oil diffuser, but the kind that is easy on the eyes and at the same time keeps the air fresh. The best part is that essential oil can be picked based on what you want to achieve with the scent. Certain scents have calming properties and can also help patients with anxiety and depression. However, today many people prefer buying dogs for protection for managing their mental illnesses. If your minimalist friend has a pet, consider buying pet-friendly diffuser oils only.

Natural Wooden Hooks

I am not talking about the usual wood hooks that are in circulation. These are the natural wooden wall hooks, the simple pieces that can jazz up any room. They are wood themed, thus your minimalist friend would definitely love. Installing them can be an elegant way to create more vertical space, especially in smaller apartments.

Glass Pendant Lights

Whenever you would go to a minimalists house, you would notice the incorporation of subtle patterns. These are usually clear and made of glass with different color themes, which is an excellent addition to the apartment. Hanging pendant lights also means that they would work in any room without spoiling the aesthetic. Plus, you can use any kind of bulb inside.

The Nordic Baking Book

buying dogs for protection

Why should minimalism just stop at furniture and clothes? Why not go into food too? And who doesn’t love to eat these days! This book has been a hit among the masses, and the adoring reviews on both Amazon and Good-reads will vouch for the same. What the Nordic book does that others haven’t done is the in-depth techniques that form the base of our food eating experience.

Cold Brew Filter Bottle

The bottle that allows cold infusion often has two drawbacks, one that they are extremely hard to clean and the other they are an eyesore. Thankfully there are options in the market, which instead of stainless steel, use silicon to make the bottle much easier to clean. You also have access to multiple size options, if your friend is someone who is trying to cut back consumption of tea or coffee. The best part? No leakage.


The next item in the minimal gift list is spectrum, a book of photographs by the legendary architect John Pawson. I agree that it is kind of an on-your-nose kind of gift. But if they truly appreciate the art that is minimalism, they would also fall in love with it the way dozens of other people have.

A Floating Bookshelf

This is one of those items that you can buy for your minimalist buddy. This gorgeous shelf is designed in a manner that allows for the concealment of the basic structure of the shelf. Fresh, ultra-minimal, and eye-catching are just some of the adjectives to describe this gorgeous bookshelf. Also, its sleek design creates vertical space, the lifeline of any small space.


As long as your gift is given with the aesthetic in mind, you will be appreciated for it. A large number of people don’t get the concept of minimalism correctly. It is not about owning less, rather about owning with intention. Everything you own needs to be with functionality in mind.


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Daniel is a veterinary and writes blogs as side-activity. You can feel wanderlust attitude in his traveling and food blogs. He loves traveling around the world and learn about different food culture. Being a vet, he works twenty-four-seven with animals, and he loves doing his work.

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