Winter is right around the corner, and a lot undergoes a stark change in this weather. The layering comes back in. The colors suddenly seem brighter, and the skin goes a couple of shades lighter.


Most of us have spent hours and hours on Instagram and Pinterest, trying to muster up the courage to bring about a change in our hair color. It is very natural to go back to old patterns and not go in for a significant difference in the winter. But what is the point of hiding in your house?


Try something out of the ordinary, and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the inflow of new energy that will enter your life.



Here are some old and new trends that are here to stay this winter. We reached out to various hair gurus for their feedback on the trends that seem to be on their way in. The definitive list is given below.


Roaring Red

Previously a more bohemian-inspired look, the latest iterations have been more sleek and sophisticated. If you’re already a redhead, just punch up your color. Stick to copper instead of cranberry to get that in-depth wave.


Firey and passionate, there is a red out there for everyone. When Zendaya walked out with that red hue, everyone collectively lost their minds. Similarly, Florence has always been famous for her red hair, don’t care look.


If conventional is what you have been sticking to and want a walk on the wild side, this is a perfect introduction to that.  To get the ideal shade, ask your stylist to maintain an almost bluish tone to your base color and then work from there.


Expressive Expresso

Our skin almost turns about two shades lighter in the winter. To combat that chalky complexion, it is a good idea to add some depth of color and go darker.


But it should be an incredibly natural transition not like a goth kid on the loose( though if that’s your thing no judgment). Get a glossy color and ensure you maintain it via monthly visits to the salon.


Coffee is the standard when you want to go expressive with a brunette base. Alternatively, a creamy caramel or mocha treatment can also help breathe life into your hair.  For Mocha, ask for gold undertones. Unlike last year where jet black hair was all the rage, going in for warmer colors is a brighter idea.


Soon to be mama, Ashley Graham has been flaunting both the adorable baby bump as well as a stunning mane of hair all over social media. Victoria Secret angel Joan Smalls has also gone considerably lighter to welcome the winter.


Go Pastel

Rose and pink shades are always appreciated because they just offbeat enough to be not conventional. These days a rose gold even has the capability to pass off as natural.


Countless celebrities have gone up the rose bandwagon. Other pastel shades gunning for the win are mint and teal.


Massie Williams, for one, has managed to maintain her status quo by having a soft pastel pink in her hair for quite a bit of time. Additionally, Megan Rapinoe has made purple come back with a vengeance.


Soft pastels look akin to an angle, especially in the winter months, with the backdrop of muted white everywhere.


Just remember once you go pastel, your hair requires a lot of TLC for the chemicals in the dye can lead to increased dryness and fizz.


Bronde Perfection

If you’re a blonde or even a brunette, a quick change-up can be achieved by adding all-over highlights and then achieve some dimension. The best part? After your hair grows out a bit, you achieve this gorgeous blended look.


This is also perfect for the people who can’t make up their minds about which color is more suited and want the best of both worlds. The thing to remember is to stay within two shade, either side of your natural hair — place highlights around your face for a slight variation.


For a playbook on brondeness, you don’t have to look further than Mandy Moore. Her hair always looks like a cascading auburn waterfall or Margot Robbie for a more lived-in look.

Bronde is a surprising warmer shade for the colder months.


Hair can express a lot, and with winters, you need all the color help you can get. Listen to your stylist as long as they are not going completely crazy; you can try out their suggestions.


The effortless hair is right within your grasp; all you have to do is ensure that you are up for the challenge. A super subtle pastel color or even a brunette with a hint of purple. A minor change that can make you pop up from the crowd.


Sad as we are for losing the gorgeous tan that we gained over the summer, we do have something to look forward to. Hair is often a touchy topic for most girls, so breathe and choose your switch up. We are sure your Instagram will thank you.


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